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The idea of creating something without having to code isn’t new - the earliest WYSIWYG creation tools were no code tools in their own right. These ideas have been in the works for decades, but the No Code landscape literally exploded in 2020 with many new (and unknown) products launched to make your life easier.

So what is a No Code product? We define it as follows:

A No Code platform eliminates the friction which usually prevents your idea from becoming a fully functioning product.

Often this friction is a result of a gap coding knowledge. In practice, this is typically a 'perceived' gap.

Why a Podcast?

My NoCode Story is a podcast born out of necessity. As the world stayed locked in for the second year in a row in 2021, the NoCode movement was well an truly on it's way. Companies were raising serious money and new unicorns were either funded or got acquired.

It is in this backdrop that I started My NoCode Story with a view to help new NoCoders learn more about the ecosystem and more importantly the people in the space. You stand to learn tons from the stories and backdrop of other successful NoCoders as you pursue your ambition!

- Ayush 

About the Hosts

Hey! I’m Seth.

I’m a proud husband, dad, and military veteran in Texas. I’m the co-host of the My NoCode Podcast where my goal is to help other NoCode founders and creators tell their unique stories and educate non technical founders who want to learn how to build their own startups and turn them into profitable online businesses, all without code.

I spent the last 10 years working in enterprise public sector supporting government and defense programs. I always wanted to build my own apps but didn't have time to learn code. All that changed with No-Code!

Outside of my day job and this podcast, Im a fellow NoCode developer and creator just like many others listening to the podcast. I'm also on my personal journey to become a independent founder and build my own bootstrapped tech startup, all without code.

Hello NoCode Nation! I'm Ayush.

I'm an accidental NoCoder - stumbled upon this space in 2019 when i accepted I'll never have the time or interest needed to code my way to a functional product!

I'm deeply embedded in Supply Chain Tech, currently tinkering at the intersection of Enterprises and Community.

I started this podcast as a way to meet new people and boy has it delivered! I love learning new things and this space keeps me motivated!

Besides work and the pod, my lovely family and single origin coffee keeps me going! 

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